Emporium Ministries is known for counselling, Inner-healing Conferences, Healing Tours and radio programs on Christian radio stations in the Garden Route and Klein Karoo, Heartbeat FM 103,9 and 107.4 and wherever God is sending us to serve.

Anita Pieterse

“If I ever doubted my calling and this command and vision called Emporium Ministries, I now am once again convinced of His voice and direction.”

Christian Counsellor

Sozo Therapist

Inner Healing Conferences / Tours

Curriculum Presenter

Motivational Speaker

Radio Presenter

The Story

How Emporium Ministries came to life

I woke up one morning in 2012 with a vision picture in the Spirit….It was the name “EMPORIUM” with lots of curly letters and I sense this needs to be a ministry which the Lord commanded me to start.

Overwhelmed by this I start doing research on the meaning of the name…and to my astonishment it direct me to the future of this ministry.

The meaning of ‘EMPORIUM”  is the following….large retail outlet/store selling a variety of articles, a place, town or city of important commerce, principal centre of trade. New York is one of the world’s great emporiums. It also means “place of trade, market or showroom, place of exhibitions.

Emporium is a Latin word of origin, meaning a few things like “trading place” or “market”. The Greek word “emporos” means merchant, traveller, passage, voyage, to pass through, to lead or to pass over.

The Greek merchant means especially “one who trades on a large scale, usually but not necessarily by sea.”

That morning I immediately knew the Lord gave me this big command and “vehicle”…but I was totally clueless where to start. My first thing was to go and design the picture that I vividly saw. I also realise that all the different meanings of the word “emporium” was spiritual and especially the showroom part means that I won’t be operating alone in ministry. I knew that God was going to use this “showroom” to show off the different gifts He placed in different people to equip, heal, train, restore and bring hope to His people wherever I or we will be ministering.

As I was writing this introduction for the web site I came upon the Greek meaning of merchant “one who trades on a large scale, usually but not neccesarily by the sea” and it absolutely blew me away!

In 2012 when I first got this vision we were still living in Potchefstroom in the North West province totally unaware of the bigger picture which God obviously already knew and saw from the beginning of time.

What blew me away of this meaning of the word is that we actually moved to George in 2014, also believing God sent us for ministry here on the Garden Route, ……hold on ……6km from the sea!

If I ever doubted my calling and this command and vision called Emporium Ministries, I now am once again convinced of His voice and direction.

To start in obedience to what I heard in 2012 was not easy. The Lord told me that He trained me for years in privacy like He trained David in the field, conquering the bear and the lion and that it is time for me to move to bigger fields. It was really not easy. People didn’t know me, they didn’t knew my story, my journey and besides I was just a normal Christian woman with no credentials which could impress people. I was questioned silently when I at first put Emporium Ministry at the back of a teaching DVD I recorded. At the same time my book was launched…which I started writing in 2011….

I had to just keep moving forward through all the years in a ministry field where titles and credentials was of utmost importance in some cases. I learned a lot, was connected to a lot of people, served on a few ministry teams of churches and looking back, I can now see the tapestry He was creating….linking every single colour of thread which was needed to bring His work through me to the place where it is…..ever exploding……blowing my mind with His plans and keeping me safe with His provision.

Two of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is that without Him, I am oh so totally….. N O T H I N G and that I should focus on the people that attends ministry events and not by them who raise their eyebrows….Keep moving forward was the message of the Still Small Voice ever speaking to me.

My life may be my journey, my story….but He worked all things together for His glory!

Our prayer together is that  all the hope, healing, restoration and equipping that will flow from different gifts in persons and ministries co-laboring with Emporium Ministries be of great value and Divine blessing to you and may your legacy of healing and restoration pay it forward to a next group of people and generation.


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